• Shachar Karniel
  • Rafi Karniel
  • Adi Karniel
  • Vered Karniel
  • Nomi Karniel-Padan
  • Elaine Karniel
  • Alexandra Sapir
  • Yael Miara
  • Gittel Marcus
  • Erika Rosi
  • Liz Shani
  • Tammy Aviad-Eshel
  • Ilona David
  • Tal Katzir
  • Sherry Freudenreich


Meet the Grapa team

The Grapa team is composed of a small, dedicated group working together for the success of every task the company undertakes. Each individual is involved in a different aspect of Grapa’s activity.

We will be pleased to answer any question you may have- please feel free to contact us.