The Giumarra Vineyards Corporation (“GVC”) story began in the early 1900’s when Salvadore Giumarra immigrated to the United States with a dream. That dream was to grow fruits and vegetables of the finest quality and market them to the world. Through decades of hard work and unwavering commitment to quality, GVC has been the leader in the California grape industry, creating and implementing new growing, packing, cooling, and shipping techniques. Today, GVC’s “GRAPE KING” label is the most sought after brand of table grapes around the world. ARD LLC is a subsidiary of GVC. Founded in 1999, its main purpose is the breeding of new table grape varieties and it is responsible for the development of the ARRA varieties. ARD’s breeder, Mr. Shachar Karniel, is known worldwide for his extensive agricultural knowledge and experience. His vision of labor free, highly productive grape varieties that produce attractive, delicious seedless grapes is embodied in the ARRA varieties. Today the ARRA varieties are commercialized and grown worldwide in large-scale quantities.

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