AndNowUKnow Table Grapes – Behind the Greens

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On today’s episode of Behind the Greens, we travel to Giumarra Vineyards, located in the fertile San Joaquin Valley. The family owned and operated Giumarra Vineyards is the proud producer of well known labels, like the GrapeKing, ARRA and Honeybunch brands, as well as a special mix of recently released varieties such as the Autumn King, Scarlet Royal and Sweet Scarlet. In addition to being one of the industry’s largest suppliers of Thompson Seedless, the company is focused on proliferating many of their new proprietary varieties such as the GrapeKing Seedless, the Early Sweet, and the ARRA 15. These varieties have been meticulously propagated from Giumarra’s cross-breeding program, one of the most extensive cross-breeding programs in the world, with the fresh consumer in mind, and are selected for their large berry size and excellent eating characteristics. With a great deal of new, innovative varieties entering production and a tradition of hard work and quality, Giumarra Vineyards is looking forward to whatshould be an excellent table grape season. That’s a wrap for Behind the Greens.