Program now your future seedless table grape plantation with AVI!

A.V.I. Srl and GRAPA Varieties Ltd are pleased to present “ARRAs”, a new range of varietal selection of seedless table grapes. The grapes belong to the family Giumarra from Bakersfield (California), with over 70 years of experience in  table grapes production and marketing.


The “ARRAs” are the result of several decades of experimentation and development by Mr Shachar Karniel and Mr Sal Giumarra. The Karniel family have always been dedicated to the cultivation and development of seedless table grapes varieties.


A.V.I. is a partnership between two major Italian import-export companies: Dr. Rino Storelli Srl and RKM Srl. The joint venture AVI was born in 2009 thanks to their cooperation and by initiative of Mr. Carlo Lingua, in order to market seedless table grapes ARRA in Europe and worldwide. AVI has the exclusive European rights over ARRA grapes, conferred by GRAPA.


A wide range of very promising varieties

During a recent trip to Apulia, FreshPlaza could visit some trials of these seedless grapes and has collected more details thanks to Dr. Maurizio Simone, AVI and Doctor Farmer agronomist. 


Maurizio explains: “The most important feature of the ARRA grapes, besides the absence of seeds, is its easy management, due to the total absence of small grapes. In collaboration in Apulia with Orchidea Frutta and Caputo farms, and in Sicily with CO.RA., we are conducting two years of field trials to select the ARRA more suited to the needs of producers and consumers worldwide. The results obtained so far are satisfying for us and we are convinced that we could achieve the same, if not better, results of existing commercial crops in North and South America, South Africa and Egypt.”


Compared to other seedless cultivars, ARRA table grapes, is available in all major colors (white, red and black) of different ages, are distinguished by some particular features. Maurizio highlights: “These varieties are not subject to problems of fruit drop or split, have a total absence of seed, the elimination of small grapes is not required and they show a greater homogeneity than other seedless cultivars.”


“The good fertility and productivity are surprising and the generous size of the grapes (size 20 or higher) is noteworthy. Moreover, we were struck by the persistence of the grapes on the vine in an open field without degradation for several weeks after ripening.


Maurizio concludes: “We invite all producers of table grapes to contact us if they wish to be abreast with the times. AVI is not restricted to market the patented varieties of ARRA, but provides technical and legal assistance in order to protect these varieties.”