Registered name: ARRAFIFTEEN

ARRA 15 is a unique and appealing white seedless variety. It is very fertile and has a strong vine. Its bunch is medium loose with a light color rachis. The berries are long, cylinder shaped and particularly crunchy. Its creamy, light green color together with its bright waxy appearance make it very appealing to customers. The variety has a high acidity level and requires a high sugar level before harvest, to neutralize the acidity. Sugar levels at harvesting can reach the 24 brix mark. This variety is planted in large scale around the world and has proven itself to be very rain resistant.


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Type: White seedless

Berry Size: 22mm x 42mm

Flavour: Sweet

Sugar: 19-22 brix

Berry Attachment: Very good

Rudiment: Sterile

Cap Stem \ Brush: Long \ thick

Texture: Very crisp, meaty and juicy

Bunches Per Vine: 40-42

Skin: Medium

Pruning: Spur